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Gabrielle LeDouxThank you Anchorage!

I am honored to be able to continue as your representative for House District 15, representing Muldoon and JBER. I ran for re-election to the State House because there is so much to be done in my East Anchorage neighborhoods and I want to help my home achieve its full potential.

We have roads that need paving, schools that need funding, parks that need to be built, trails that need maintaining, businesses that need investment and military families that need protection. As I have always done, I will continue voting and taking other actions that are in the best interests of you, my constituents, not political parties. I will continue to listen to you and find solutions to your issues, whether you voted for me or not. I represent everyone in our district, so please reach out to me at any time.

Thank you and God bless.

Gabrielle LeDoux

PS: If you wish to:
  • put up a yard sign
  • endorse me in an advertisement
  • participate in door to door literature distribution
  • host a neighborhood gathering
  • or just want to send me a message
Please contact me via phone at 907.677.8159 or e-mail at

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